What’s The Best Electrical Bill Savings for Maricopa Residents

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on your SRP or APS electric bill?

Tired of keeping the air conditioner shut off or at a higher temperature to keep your bills down?

If you are like me and live in the Arizona Heat and can’t wait for October or November, not because you like the temperatures better, but because you don’t have to get high electric bills, then we have the answer for you!

The best option on the market today to save money is an investment in your home!

The Demand Manager costs money to install. Typically a homeowner can cover the cost of the demand manager in 18-24 months of savings. So if you plan on staying in your home longer than two years, the Demand Manager is the Best Savings Option for Your Home.

The upfront cost of the Demand Manager has some tax benefits. But, the most benefit of using the system is keeping cool in those HOT Arizona summer months.

The system controls your use of electricity and allows you to use your air conditioner more and at a lower temperature. Yes, that’s correct the system works to lower your peak electric service in 30 minutes. But allows you to utilize more electricity at no additional cost.

I’m a work-from-home employee and I get to run my air at 72 degrees and my savings keep adding up using the demand manager.

Southeast Valley Residents in Arizona need to put a demand manager to work for them.

So what if I’m not planning on staying in my home for two or more years? Can I still take advantage of the system? Yes, you can get a tax credit, you can get monthly savings, and you have invested in your home.

Unlike a solar company system that is being leased, you can boast about the savings the next homeowner will get with the Demand Manager on the home. A leased solar system will cause headaches and there are transfer costs. With a purchased Solar system you will want to get a higher price for your home. The Demand Manager can inform the buyer of the savings they will get from your prior installment.

If you are a resident of Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek, or San Tan Valley don’t hesitate to get more information today and enjoy your home even more!





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