Help to get ECOV into production

About Eco V Electric

Founded in 2003, EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, LLC (EVTS) has developed the EcoV, a 25 mph street legal Superior LSV that is roadworthy with automotive ride, comfort, and reliability while offering safety not seen in other LSV’s before.  You are safe driving on all public roads, 35 mph or slower. In January 2019 a new Michigan Corporation was formed called EcoV Environmental Transportation, Inc. (EET)

The current company’s LLC equity of $15 million was transferred to this new Corporation.

Under SEC’s guidelines of 506c we will be selling stock in this new Corporation through a Private Placement.

The stock sold will fund our start of production this year and provide working capital and a return on investment starting in 2020.

If you are an accredited investor then you qualify to buy our stock.  Go to our Investor Page to request more information.

EET has identified a new and emerging market for affordable, safe and versatile LSV’s  EVTS is changing the paradigm for LSVs. Not a glorified golf cart, the EcoV is car like with properties more like a car, not a golf cart.  LSV’s are now street legal in almost all 50 States. If you want to save money without sacrificing safety and doing just about anything, EcoV is your answer.

EET founder and President Richard Marks designed the EcoV based on his over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, including five years with GM’s Electric Vehicle program. Rich is supported by the manufacturing capability and management team of contract assembler in Michigan.

EET has changed all the rules in niche vehicle manufacturing.  We leverage others': people, assets, and facilities to keep our prices affordable to you. The result of these efforts had been to hold the price constant since 2005. No one else has done that.

Richard Marks, P.E., President/CTO   Rich has over 45 years of experience with the automotive industry, including 25 years with General Motors and six years with Tier 1 suppliers. While at GM, Rich spent five years in the EV1 electric vehicle program, and afterwards, created, designed and built the first EcoV. He has worked on complete systems and their integration for various vehicles, and has been a part of several successful vehicle launches. 

Jerry Scrivo, Program Manager   Jerry is also presently Senior Vice President of MasterMind Consulting Network ( and will be the Program manager for our production launch. Jerry’s consulting expertise is in helping clients solve their most vexing problems while developing on-going plans to take their business to its next level of success.  Presently, he is Senior Vice President of MasterMind Consulting Network Inc. where he has worked for fifteen years serving clients in the areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Communications, and Finance.  He is a specialist in planning and successful implementation.  Prior to joining MasterMind Consulting Network in 1999, he had 36 years’ experience at some of America’s largest companies including, General Motors, Teledyne, Textron, Firestone, and Shell Oil along with top management and board experience at several smaller companies.  He has degrees from Michigan Technological University (BSME), and Wayne State University (MBA).   He is presently a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).  He has (7) patents and has been listed in “Who’s Who in Technology Today”.  Jerry’s favorite sports are baseball, swimming, skiing and auto racing.  What no one knows about him is that while in college he drove test cars for General Motors.

Royd Buchele, VP Sales & Marketing Marketing  Royd is President and CEO of MasterMind Consulting Network, Inc.  He has helped a wide range of companies grow into major industry players and has 27 years’ experience consulting with multiple Automotive Dealerships.  Royd’s role will be to assist the sales and marketing efforts.

Chuck Davis, Sr, VP of Quality and Service  Chuck is a partner at MasterMind and has extensive experience with Management/Supervisory Training, Kaizen Lean Systems Implementation,  Product Development, Preventive Maintenance in manufacturing, Marketing & Business Plan Development, Quality, Testing & Environmental - QS Lead Auditor, Japanese Problem Solving Methodologies.

Jason Clark, Contract Assembler  Jason is President of American Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. in St .Mary's Ohio.  Jason will be the partner who will lead the design and production of EcoV.

Allen Newbauer, Contract Engineering Services  Contract Engineering Services at Signature 4 in Coldwater, OH.  Allen and his team will perform the engineering tasks to get EcoV ready for production.

We have selected a new Engineering Service provider and have a couple companies under consideration to be our Contract Assembler.