Help to get ECOV into production

About Eco V Electric

Founded in 2003, EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, LLC (EVTS) has developed the EcoV, a 25 mph street legal Superior LSV that is roadworthy with automotive ride, comfort, and reliability while offering safety not seen in other LSV’s before.  You are safe driving on all public roads, 35 mph or slower. EVTS has identfied a new and emerging market for affordable, safe and versatile LSV’s  EVTS is changing the paradigm for LSVs. Not a glorified golf cart, the EcoV is car like with properties more like a car, not a golf cart.  LSV’s are now street legal in almost all 50 States. If you want to save money without sacrificing safety and doing just about anything, EcoV is your answer.

EVTS founder and President Richard Marks designed the EcoV based on his 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, including five years with GM’s Electric Vehicle program. Rich is supported by the manufacturing capability and management team of contract assembler in Michigan.

EVTS has changed all the rules in niche vehicle manufacturing.  We leverage others': people, assets, and facilities to keep our prices affordable to you. The result of these efforts had been to hold the price constant since 2005. No one else has done that.

Richard Marks, P.E., President. Rich has over 35 years of experience with the automotive industry, including 25 years with General Motors and six years with Tier 1 suppliers. While at GM, Rich spent five years in the EV1 electric vehicle program, and afterwards, created, designed and built the first EcoV. He has worked on complete systems and their integration for various vehicles, and has been a part of several successful vehicle launches. He holds a BS and a MS degree from Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering.

Gary J. Conti is (CMO) Chief Marketing Officer & (CNO) Chief Negotiations Officer Gary is a result focused management professional offering more than 30 years of experience in senior level leadership for start ups, early stage growth and global operations. Recognized for ability to incorporate innovative management techniques, systems, processes and procedures to enhance business practices, increase productivity and boost revenues. Talent for forging strong relationships with key decision makers, other managers and channel partners. An ESCO industry insider & exceptional communicator with a consultative sales style, strong negotiation skills, exceptional problem solving abilities and a keen client needs assessment aptitude. Deep experience with multiple industry segments which include automotive, tier suppliers, capital equipment, alternative energy, technology, computer, industrial, automation, defense, manufacturing, and services.

EVTS has a strong Board of Advisors who assist in directing the Company in all areas using their strong Automotive OEM knowledge, skills and experience.

D. Craig Winn - Engineering Design Services Advisor, – President and CEO of Applied Technology, Inc (ATI), with offices in Michigan and Ohio.  ATI will provide Engineering Services to the Company on the design completion of EcoV and he will advise on management of engineering production vehicles. Mr. Winn was formerly President of Magna Steyr and VP of Jeep Truck Engineering.

Rocco Pollifone, President of Magnys an expert manufacturing process design and control company; will be contractor to set up manufacturing processes to build EcoV.

Chuck Townsend, Financial Advisor with strong startup funding and financial planning experience

Dan Kessler --Vehicle Styling & Design Services Advisor – Expert in animation and design; will participate and collaborate on vehicle styling and appearance issues.

Jim Dollinger, Advisor on Sales - Buick Motor Division's Top Dealer Salesman for six years. Jim will be advising the Company on auto dealer marketing, customer service & satisfaction, sales & distribution issues, as well as Dealership franchise issues

Dr. Stephen Metzger, Principal of International Competitive Assessments – Market Research firm specializing in many areas including golf cart and small vehicle business, will advise on market research areas.

Del Schroeder – Advisor on Strategic Planning; retired executive with experience at GM, Ford, and Chrysler

Ralph Sherman is a small business attorney, who specializes in early start-up companies and will act as legal counsel for the Company

EcoV recognizes the need to fill additional key management positions.  The company is currently looking for these people.